Terms & Conditions

Bahrain Film Festival (BFF)

 Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before submitting your film to Bahrain Film Festival (BFF) competition:

  • Participation is open to all short films genres (narrative, documentary, animation) films.
  • Only Arab nationals can apply to Bahrain Film Festival competition.
  • Multiple entries are allowed to the same category or to different categories.
  • All films must not exceed (30) minutes.
  • Arabic subtitles are obligatory for films submitted in languages other than Arabic. Arabic submissions must also include English subtitles.
  • Films’ production date must be afterJanuary 1st, 2019.
  • Submitted films must not have been broadcast on television, streaming, or anywhere else.
  • Bahrain Film Festival reserves the right to reject films with technical quality issues that may affect screenings at the festival, or films with offensive, racist content or material contradicting to the customs and laws applicable by the Ministry of Information Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Filmssubmitted for Bahrain Film Festival will be reviewed by a selection panel to ensure they meet the terms and conditions of Bahrain Film Festival.
  • Filmmakers agree that films submitted to Bahrain Film Festival may be reviewed by the judging panel; screened at the Festival and that parts of their movies might be broadcasted through social media pages and accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) belonging to Bahrain Film Festival (BFF) and Bahrain Cinema Club; the organizer of the festival; in association with the promotional campaigns of the film festival, and, after the end of Festival. Otherwise, all the rights of the Film belong to the Producer/Director of the film.
  • The deadline for accepting films is March 15, 2021; no submissions will be accepted after the deadline set by theBahrain Film Festival.
  • If selected for the official competition of the Festival, the director of the film shall be notified, and the Bahrain Film Festival has the right to announce the film’s participation in the festival. Therefore, the applicant must in no way declare his participation before the Bahrain Film Festival does.
  • If selected, films cannot be withdrawn, screened and/or broadcasted, in a way that affects the screenings of Bahrain Film Festival.
  • Bahrain Film Festival has the right to exclude any film, in case of violation of any of these terms and conditions.

Categories of Official Competition:

  • General Competition:

Short films (Narrative, Documentary, or Animation) that does not exceed 30 minutes.

  • Students’ Competition:
  • Short films (Narrative, Documentary, or Animated) that does not exceed 30 minutes.
  • The applicant must be a university student (university certificate is required).

Acceptance of These Terms

  • Applying for Bahrain Film Festival Competition means accepting all Terms and Conditions of the competition. Bahrain Film Festival has the right to add other conditions as required.
  • The applicant undertakes that he or she has all the rights relating to the film and all related materials, and that the Filmmaker is entitled to submit the film and related materials to participate in the Festival.
  • All entries must be submitted on the official website of Bahrain Film Festival.
  • The applicant also acknowledges that these provisions, and the online submission form, are an integral part of a single document. Therefore, the submission form is included in this document and is subject to the terms and conditions that applies to this document.

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